BIG NEWS: Starting the online Documents/Ephemera collection!

So you probably figured that a guy this obsessed with Disney theme park maps would probably have lots of other types of stuff in his collection, wouldn’t you?

Well, you’d be totally right!  I have so many vacation guides, timetables, other maps, cast member education, even ride operating guides!  I have always wanted to share these with everyone as well, but the maps seemed like a good place to start.

So starting right now, you can click on the newly added “Documents” menu item on the site to be taken to the online documents.  There is also a counter on the right side of the home page as well, just like for the maps.  As time goes on I will also add a “New Additions” link like the maps as well, so that you can just jump to the latest additions for the past 30 days.  For now, they’re ALL added in the last 30 days….

I will be creating a similar search process for the items, like with the maps.  For now it just shows everything, but that won’t be a problem until the online collection gets a bit bigger.  Which it will–I literally have THOUSANDS of items that need to be scanned and added.  And if you see an item duplicated, it’s not a mistake.  The way the database is structured, I have to create a duplicate entries for items associated with multiple resorts.  Once the results are categorized the duplicates won’t be visible.

If you’re still reading, first: thank you!  Second: If you have anything in your personal collection, I would love to be able to offer it an online home.  Contributors are properly acknowledged, and I can even create a link to your own site or blog if you have one.  My ultimate goal is to create an online archive that offers a central place for people to look when doing research or just revisiting happy memories.  I would love to have your help in making that a reality for everyone out there in Internet-land!

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