Search improved, Animal Kingdom maps started

I spent some time trying to improve the formatting for the map search and result pages. I think they’re still a work in progress, but at least they won’t make people’s eyes bleed anymore…

I also started the Animal Kingdom maps. It’s really just the first year for now, a total of 8 maps. There are some pretty neat ones, though, including special sneak preview/cast preview maps and the opening day map.

There are still no maps in Disneyland or California Adventure yet, so if you look for those there will be no results. I have quite a few of them, it’s just a matter of finding the time to get them scanned. Now that the site is more functional, there should be a little more time for more fun stuff like that.

Search available!

So I promised something big, and I finally finished the code part: a custom search engine for maps. I had been uploading all the PDF files into WordPress then manually making the map index pages. The problem was that I had to manually edit each of those pages when I added new ones.

Now those index pages just send a premade search, and I also made a page where you can specify which maps you’d like to see. It’s still ugly, but it IS functional. I will get to work on making the search and search result pages more attractive as well.

Most importantly I am very close to being able to concentrate more on the content rather than building the infrastructure. It’s a big deal to me anyways!

MGM/Hollywood Studios maps

Got a lot done over the weekend, between the Epcot and now Hollywood Studios maps. I have all of the scanned maps for Hollywood Studios up, from opening in 1989 up until the present. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for me for all the work to do) it is actually only about a third or maybe half of the maps I actually have presently for that park.

Every map I have already scanned is now online. This represents a very small fraction of the maps I actually have, though. I plan to continue scanning and converting to PDF form as time allows, since it’s a pretty labor intensive process. Besides filling in maps for parks listed already, I have a large Animal Kingdom collection as well as every other Disney park in the world. I look forward to adding these in over time.

Look for a pretty major announcement in a few days as well!