Animal Kingdom done!

I now have all maps up to the present for Animal Kingdom, including the 15th Anniversary special map. That now brings the total number of maps that are online up to 270! That’s a lot of scanning folks! I now have representative maps for all the Orlando parks for their entire histories. I will be adding more maps to fill in some gaps, but first I think I will head west out to California and start putting up maps from Disneyland and California Adventure. Hope you enjoy!

More Animal Kingdom: 2000-2003

Today I added about a dozen more maps for Animal Kingdom between 2000 and 2003. It’s always a relief to get past the end of 2001, when they stopped doing maps every few days. It seems like getting from 1995 to 2001 takes forever, since those were the years they put out maps about every 3-6 days. Starting in 2002 it went back to a few different maps per year. At least with Animal Kingdom I didn’t have to start until 1998!