Major change to search results

I’ve been working in the background as time permitted to set up a new way to view the maps.  Now, it’s finally live on the site!

When you do a map search now, the results page LOOKS the same.  But when you click on the map you are taken to a map details page instead.  I will be able to have a lot more data displayed about the map including the contributor.  You will still be able to download the PDF from that page, just like before.

But the biggest change is that now you can look at the map pages directly from the site, and without watermarks no less!  I know that the watermarks in the PDF files have bothered some, and I do apologize for that.  The watermarks were an unfortunate result of someone taking the files and then selling them.  These files are always intended to be freely available to everyone.

If you want to see the ultimate results of what I’d like to do, just look at the very first map from Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, from 1972.

Lastly, I am still in the laborious process of converting and uploading the images for each map.  If you pick a map that has no pictures yet, it will just be blank on that part of the page.  The rest of the details should be there just fine!

Have fun, and let me know if you have other requests or suggestions!