(Don’t) Mind the Gap!

So sorry about the delays lately on updating the site.  Since Christmas I have been buried with getting prepared for a major certification renewal for work, and have been studying since then.  But the test is now done (thank goodness) and I plan on getting back to updating and adding to the site.

The first priority has been taking some HTML/CSS coding classes over at One Month.  I have wanted to get better skills for some time now.  Although the main site here is WordPress, I have coded all the search and results pages by myself.  Some might say that part was obvious (LOL)!  I’m hoping to apply what I’ve learned about HTML/CSS to the site very soon.  I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the lessons at One Month.  The HTML course really helped bring an overall organization to writing web pages that I lacked from my self-taught, piecemeal education about HTML.  By the way, I’m not being induced or compensated by them in any way.

I will continue to post Earchive additions on Twitter in real-time, and you can check for new maps using the link on the right side of the page.