About Me

Hello, my name is Todd, and I’m a Disney Theme Parks addict.

Who knows why the Disney Parks have lodged themselves so deeply in my brain.  Perhaps it is due to my first visit to Walt Disney World as a 1-year old toddler, sticking to me subconsciously since then.  Maybe it’s from later visits in which I learned to notice all the tiny details that make a Disney Park different from other theme parks.  Or even as an adult, gaining an appreciation for the work of the Imagineers and secretly wishing I could be a part of building the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Luckily I have a very understanding family who is willing to tolerate my obsession.  At least they get a side benefit from my never-ending desire to return to Anaheim, Orlando or even more exotic locales!

I hope you will be willing to follow along as this site becomes a lasting tribute to those magical locations throughout the world!  Just have a little patience, because creating a web site turns out to be a bit harder than I thought…