Although I have accumulated a sizable collection of documents related to Disney theme parks, the following individuals have provided invaluable assistance in filling holes within my collection.  Items that they have contributed to the collection are indicated on the specific pages for their items.

Jim and Dottie Hart

These former Cast Members have accumulated a number of park guidemaps, along with other items, such as Eyes & Ears issues.  I had the good fortune to meet Jim in person at the Magic Kingdom in February of 2013, and was able to enjoy his kind and generous nature first-hand.  They continue to reside in the Orlando area and visit the parks frequently.

Arthur Na

Arthur’s collection of Disney park guidemaps is actually a by-product of his first love, airline timetables, as well as extensive travelling for work.  He also has a significant collection of other historical sources and documents gathered over the years.  Like me, his love of the Disney Parks started at an early age and continues into adulthood.