I enthusiastically welcome any submissions you might have in your possession. Contributors to the site can be found on the Acknowledgements page.  There are several different ways that can be done, depending on your wishes:

1. You don’t want the materials anymore: Contact the Earchives with the item or list of items you would like to contribute.  If there are duplicate items already in the Earchives, you don’t need to send those in.  If you have duplicates but still do not want them, they will still be gratefully accepted but may be sold to help support the costs of running this site.  In either case postage and handling will be covered by the Earchives.

2. You want to keep the materials, and have access to a scanner: Perfect!  The source files created from the paper documents are bitmap (BMP) files, scanned in color at 200 DPI (Dots Per Inch).  If you would like to scan the materials, just scan them in color at a minimum of 200 DPI, and upload them.  Don’t worry about cropping, straightening or otherwise processing them; I will take care of those steps.  Just be careful if you’re handling those old documents so you don’t damage them!

3. You want to keep the materials, but don’t have access to a scanner: This can still work. If you are willing, the documents can be mailed to me, to be scanned and returned to you.  Postage and insurance both ways will be covered by the Earchives, and a deposit can be placed if desired.  The scanner used is a Plustek OpticBook A300, which is a binding-safe scanner (books do not need to be laid flat).  If there is any question, in my opinion, about the safety of scanning the document I err on the side of preserving the document and not scanning it.

Questions?  Contact me!