Disney World update, special edition

Longtime friends of the site Jim and Dotty Hart recently contributed about 15 maps, and I have been scanning them this past week. They are now uploaded for all to enjoy. Since I don’t yet have a way to search the maps by upload date or contributor, the maps are:
Magic Kingdom: January 2002, and March, May and June of 2013
Epcot: June 2002, March 2003, July 2007 and March 2013
MGM/Hollywood Studios: January 2002, July 2003, January 2007, February 2007, and April, May and June of 2013

Thank you so much for all your help Jim and Dotty!

MGM/Hollywood Studios maps

Got a lot done over the weekend, between the Epcot and now Hollywood Studios maps. I have all of the scanned maps for Hollywood Studios up, from opening in 1989 up until the present. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for me for all the work to do) it is actually only about a third or maybe half of the maps I actually have presently for that park.

Every map I have already scanned is now online. This represents a very small fraction of the maps I actually have, though. I plan to continue scanning and converting to PDF form as time allows, since it’s a pretty labor intensive process. Besides filling in maps for parks listed already, I have a large Animal Kingdom collection as well as every other Disney park in the world. I look forward to adding these in over time.

Look for a pretty major announcement in a few days as well!