Welcome visitors from MiceChat!

George Taylor over at MiceChat was nice enough to mention this site in his article about the Town Square Cafe.  If you’re new to the site, feel free to explore and check out all the Disney park maps in store for you here!  Just use the menu bar to pick the location, then theme park.  This will take you to a page to pick from the decades of maps available.  All maps are available for download in PDF form, just click on the thumbnail to look at the whole thing.  There are nearly 450 maps currently available for viewing!

Even though I have posted just maps on the site, I do manage to collect lots of other items as well.  I’m always looking for any artifacts of park operations, whether it be publicly visible or on the working side.  This includes things like the menu George mentioned, but also pamphlets, vacation planners, books, etc.  On the operational side, I look for operations manuals, training guides and just about anything else generally not available to the public.

If you have something (or even a whole box of somethings) along these lines you’d like to get rid of, please contact me!  I’d be happy to work out some kind of deal, and it would be going to a loving home!  Drop me a line right here!

New Magic Kingdom Maps

7 new Magic Kingdom maps added today, all from the late 90’s. Wow, there were a lot of those! Some of those maps were only good for 4-7 days, since they updated many of the performance times, etc within the map itself, rather than having a separate times schedule. You have to wonder how much money that cost to change the printing so often!

I have also been working on some back-end stuff that should make browsing the maps more interesting. When it’s closer to being ready to reveal, I will talk more about the new features!

Disney World update, special edition

Longtime friends of the site Jim and Dotty Hart recently contributed about 15 maps, and I have been scanning them this past week. They are now uploaded for all to enjoy. Since I don’t yet have a way to search the maps by upload date or contributor, the maps are:
Magic Kingdom: January 2002, and March, May and June of 2013
Epcot: June 2002, March 2003, July 2007 and March 2013
MGM/Hollywood Studios: January 2002, July 2003, January 2007, February 2007, and April, May and June of 2013

Thank you so much for all your help Jim and Dotty!

At long last, more maps!

So sorry this update has been a little overdue!  As a way of apology, I have updated with MANY more maps than usual.  In fact, I have uploaded PDFs for every map all the way up to the end of 1999!  I also went back and fixed many of the original links for the maps from the 1970’s because they were sometimes behaving oddly.  I have since figured out a little better way of linking the files instead of uploaded them to WordPress, so this should be more reliable I hope!

I will try to get the rest of the Magic Kingdom maps posted ASAP so that I can move on to Epcot next.  If anyone has specific requests feel free to voice them!