More Disneyland maps, and a breakthrough!

So while doing more scanning, editing and PDF creation, I was messing around within Photoshop and experimenting with different options and automation. Suddenly I discovered that Photoshop has an automatic cropping and straightening function that works fairly well with scanned images! When it’s working well, it has taken my processing time down to probably 25% of what it used to take. Sometimes it has trouble “reading” the image and I have to do it manually, but anything to cut down the time is welcome!

So I was able to power through most of my remaining Disneyland maps over the past week, from 1980 up through 2009. I just have the past few years to do. The big problem I’m facing is that the maps stopped using publication numbers that encode the date, so trying to put them in the correct order often means trying to use clues within the maps to sort the publication order. If anyone notices errors in the process please let me know, especially if you have some kind of documentation to back it up.

I also picked up a few older Disneyland guidemaps over the past week, so those will be scanned when the come in the mail.